At Station 30 we are proud to create heirloom-quality jewelry. We use gold filled findings and hardware to construct our pieces to help your jewelry last a lifetime. With proper care your jewelry from Station 30 can resist tarnishing due to the high quality and durability of gold-filled materials. Gold-filled is the next best method to solid gold. Discover the enduring beauty of gold-filled jewelry, a masterful combination of elegance and durability. Crafted with a solid layer of lustrous gold expertly bonded to a base of high-quality metals like sterling silver or copper, this exquisite jewelry offers the allure of gold at a more affordable price and will be a lovely addition to your jewelry box.

To best care for your jewelry we recommend:

  • Removing before showering, swimming, cleaning, or exercising.
  • Removing when applying makeup, sunscreen, lotion, or perfume.
  • Not performing rigorous activities while wearing your jewelry
  • Storing your jewelry in the pouch provided
  • Routine cleaning with a microfiber cloth
  • Do not expose to extreme heat, direct sunlight, or water of any type.
  • Treating your beautiful treasures with care.

Be "shore" to follow these measures and your jewelry should last you decades. We know life happens and its not always low tides and smooth sailing, so if an accident happens don't fret! Just simply take your microfiber cloth you recieved with your jewelry and gently wipe. Once clean, store in the velvet Station 30 pouch. If you need any further assistance or help with your jewelry feel free to contact us! We are always happy as a clam to help our beautiful customers!