Our story begins
by the sea...

Introducing Hannah Nigh, the heart and soul behind Station 30 Studio โ€“ a haven where artistic expression and coastal allure come together in perfect harmony. Growing up along the enchanting Gulf shores of Florida, Hannah's childhood was filled with delightful moments spent on powdery white sands, collecting shells, soaking up the sunshine, and embracing the mermaid spirit with her five beautiful sisters and brother.

By the shore, Hannah's heart found its match in her high school sweetheart Chandler, with whom she has two adorable little beach bum babes. Just like her mom once did, Hannah is enjoying every moment watching her babies love all of the wonders of the ocean and the marvelous God who created them.

Eventually Hannah and Chandler's path led them to Charleston, SC, where the captivating charm of Sullivan's Island instantly stole their hearts. Among the island's picturesque spots, one, in particular, holds a special place in Hannah's heart โ€“ Station 30, a tranquil beach access point that became a sanctuary of inspiration, joy, and serenity. Countless cherished moments were spent here with her beloved family, stirring her soul and kindling the spark of a special venture yet to come.

Station 30 Studio is a celebration of an endless summer and the best days spent by the shore.

We hope you love the beautiful treasures we create. All of which are crafted while the said beach bum babes take a sandy post-beach nap! ;)


Meet the collectors...

Meet Ellie and Nate, Hannah's sister and brother-in-law. Two of the kindest souls who bring love, joy, and endless support to Station 30 Studio.

Cherished and dedicated, our collectors embark on a heartfelt quest to handpick shells from the breathtaking coastlines spanning from the Florida Gulf Coast to the Carolina shores. Just like you - each shell holds its own exceptional beauty, a testament to the individuality that sets you apart!

Each of our shells are ethically collected by our collectors and suppliers- we never take more than we need and always leave behind any shells with living organisms inside or attached. It's important to keep our beaches pristine and abundant with life and beauty for all to experience.

Precious Gemstones

AAA Quality, hand-cut and faceted gemstone beads.

Heirloom Quality

Highest quality gold-filled hardware and accessories for non-tarnish wear to last you a lifetime.


Each treasure is created with the utmost care and love.

Hand Collected

Shells ethically sourced and collected all along the gulf and eastern coast by our collectors and suppliers.